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Immerse yourself in The Hidden Sun; an epic illustrated armchair treasure hunt book, that sets you on an adventure for real gold, silver & precious gemstones.

Let the journey take you away to a world of myth, ancient legend and history in a real-world setting. The original idea for creating this book is to help people reconnect with their natural surroundings, exploring their senses and possibly finding deeper treasures within.



About the Book

The Hidden Sun is a cosmic story told as an ancient tale, one which resonates with readers of any age. Lovingly illustrated on every other page and with rhyming verse to embellish the adventure, this book harks back to an innocent time of old.

But also… somewhere deep within the rolling hills and otherwordly historic vistas of the UK & US, lay the answers to a multi-layered treasure hunt that involves decoding a story, head-scratching cryptic verse and atmospheric, enigmatic illustrations.

The Story: When the immovable stars of the heavens jealously conspire to steal away the sun Sol’s light-giving powers, his sister Luna urges the dwellers of the ancient land to go out and hunt for various objects scattered around, clues to which are found throughout the book. Only then will they (and you) be able to locate the hidden treasures and restore Sol’s light to the land. This ancient style narrative weaves through the book to help assist in creative thinking.

The Illustrations: There are 27 illustrations giving clues to the whereabouts of 24 objects and three treasures. These have been designed using photographic montages in order to bring the required detail and pure scope of imagery needed for the hunt.

The Verse: Each object to be found has an accompanying verse of poetry in order to help decode that particular puzzle and give a sense of the location.

Book production details:

  • 52 page hardback (case laminated)
  • Dimensions: 8″x10.88″
  • Hi-res full premium colour on 70lb white paper stock (gloss laminate)
  • If things go as planned, stretch goals will add gold foil de-boss on a limited edition cover and a silk laminate finish to the inner pages


Main Prize Jewellery


About the Hunt

The Hidden Sun can be experienced purely as a storybook, as an art book or both… but also as a treasure hunt.

Previous armchair treasure hunts such as the legendary Masquerade by Kit Williams and Conundrum: The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Mystery by Don Shaw, captured the imagination of the world and sent thousands of fortune seekers out into the British countryside armed with dizzying ideas, a shovel and a flask of lukewarm tea. In the US, Byron Preiss created The Secret – most of which still remains unsolved to this day. Yet the world has changed since those innocent days. This hunt does not require digging of any sort anywhere (except perhaps the deepest parts of your mind…). Yet it does encourage people to get out into the real-world to track down and confirm their findings, and although this isn’t strictly necessary it may help you on your quest.

There are actually 3 hunts; A main hunt and a secondary hunt both relating to the UK and another relating to the US. There’s also plenty of visual puzzles for younger minds to explore.

Successful seekers will find objects of gold, silver, emerald, quartz, Swarovski crystal, amber and other semiprecious stones which will be hidden above ground, waiting in eternal expectancy… or until claimed by you!


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