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Firesnake was founded by Benjamin Brewis, a multi-disciplined entrepreneur, graphic designer, artist, marketer and dj based in Oxford, UK. Firesnake produces work globally, across various mediascapes to help inspire people into experiencing the world in a new and positive way. The central DNA of Firesnake encompasses subjects such as design theory, future studies, street culture, progressive living and global habitat. Commercial work and private commissions, help fund Firesnake for the research and development that goes into new ventures based around the creative output of: graphic design / illustration / information art / photography / limited edition art & accessories / guerilla advertising / events & exhibitions / music production / social media / marketing / geospatial services. We are strongly committed to working towards material sustainability and energy conservation by reducing the need for expensive overheads, running costs and material supplies. We also help promote charities that further the cause of the natural environment, the safeguarding of green open spaces and organizations that help support the lives and ways of indigenous cultures around the world. If you like what you see, subscribe to Firesnake for updates, news and insights into new creative worlds. RSS: